There is something for everyone at the MSU Science Festival. This annual event, established by Michigan State University in 2013, celebrates the many ways science, technology, engineering, art, and math touch our everyday lives and shape our future.

The 2019 Festival offered more than 250 presentations and activities, with 350 scientists, researchers, educational and community partners donating their time.  They come ready to dazzle, delight, inspire and educate visitors with their scientific knowledge. 

Events are FREE, and have been from the beginning! We keep it that way so that people across Michigan and beyond can have access to the wonders of scientific discoveries and newest technologies.  

Unraveling the Mysteries 2019 inspired us to share new and creative experience with attendees, because life is full of mysteries that we’d like to solve. So we tackled a tough topic that happened right here in Michigan, and invited Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha to address the Flint Water Crisis. What could be more important to our everyday lives than access to clean water?

Dr. Mona, as she is affectionately known, gave a talk about “Unravelling the Mysteries of the Flint Water Crisis,” and explained how she, a pediatrician, worked with fellow Flint area residents and professional colleagues to solve and explain what had happened to the water in Flint. Her chief concern was what it was doing to children, including her patients. Dr. Hanna-Attisha’s scientific work led to international attention about clean water.

The SciFest planning team collaborated with Dr. Mona, the Michigan State Federal Credit Union, and Science Gallery Detroit to provide 550 copies of her hardbound book, What the Eyes Don’t See: A Story of Crisis, Resistance, and Hope in an American City

Some of those books were distributed to audience members who attended her talk at the opening event of the 2019 Festival. Dr. Mona talks about being a member of her high school environmental club, and how that influenced her career choices. For that reason, the 2019 MSU Science Festival donated hundreds of her book to area high schools and middle schools, for placement in selected classrooms and libraries.

“Some of the heroes in Dr. Mona’s book are career scientists or people who learn about science in order to protect their family members, friends, and neighbors. We hope that by providing these books to local schools we play a small part in inspiring young people to action,” said Roxanne Truhn, MSU Science Festival Coordinator.

Attendee comments from Dr. Hanna-Attisha’s talk included: “very pragmatic and inspirational”, “informative and inspiring”, “loved the connection from Flint issues to global ones”, “great vehicle to spread the word that science should be trusted”.

Based on responses to our festival attendee evaluations, the seventh annual Festival was a success: 100% rated the festival good to excellent, 99.8% would recommend the Festival, 88% learned something new, and 71% became more aware of jobs related to STEAM. 

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Roxanne Truhn is the MSU Science Festival Coordinator and has been part of the science festival staff since 2014.  She began at the Festival as an assistant coordinator and took the helm of the festival as coordinator in 2017. Katherine Hagman is the Assistant Coordinator of the MSU Science Festival and has been with the festival since 2014 and has spearheaded the inclusion of more arts in the Festival.