Data Analysis: Reporting

Templates and tricks for data viz and reporting

What are these?

A series of resources that partners have found helpful in creating meaningful charts and reports to share results.   The audience persona and PPT templates were created for EvalFest by Amanda Makulec, with National Science Foundation funding, #1423004.

How should you use them?

  • To plan how you will use your data to tell stories about your events

  • To ensure that you are following best practices in data viz and reporting

  • To jump start the process of using charts that feature best practices in data viz

How should you NOT use them?

Audience Persona Worksheet

Determine audience persona(s) for reporting

Report Layout Checklist

Develop a report layout

Data Visualization Checklist

Consider ways to visually present data

EvalFest Data Reporting Slide Deck

Create charts and graphs

Additional data analysis resources:

We provide a variety of resources that can be filtered based on your preferences.


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