What do you want to measure?

What are these?

A series of instruments that have been tested by EvalFest partners to gather data from a range of stakeholders and in a variety of ways. These instruments were created with National Science Foundation funding, #1423004.

What else might you need?

  • These are not the be-all, end-all to orient yourself to different options for collecting data about public events.
  • To think about whether/how these instruments work for your own evaluation needs.
  • To collect data at your own public events.

How should you NOT use them?

  • As the be-all, end-all list of measurement options.
  • We recommend several other repositories if you are looking for other options that were designed for informal learning environments: COVES, DEVISE, Science Learning Activation Lab.
  • Need more? Send us a request for a new instrument by using the Contact Us feature.

Attendee Survey Core Questions

Feedback at event

ActLab Engagement Survey

How engaging an event was for participants

Follow Up/Leisure Time Survey

Who attended an event, who didn’t attend, and what else they did to have fun outside of the house

Exhibitor Survey

Exhibitor/booth scientists’ preparation, training, and even impressions during the event itself

Partner Survey

Event partner’s impressions of the event after the fact

Mystery Shopper Protocol

Observations of best practices at Expo booths

Outgroup Survey

Information about those who are NOT attending your events

Timing & Tracking Protocol

Ways that kids interact with Expo booths

Outcome Expectations Scale

Outcomes scientists expect to achieve during outreach


Self-Efficacy Scale

Measure self-efficacy of scientists engaged with the public


The Engagement Survey (5:27)

How Engaged an Event was for Partipants


Attendee Survey Core Questions (4:04)

Feedback at an Event


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