Data Management

How do you organize the data you've collected?

What are these?

A series of short videos that will help you prepare your data for analysis and help you begin to explore your data. This series includes several tips from Ann K Emery’s workshop series. These instruments were created with National Science Foundation funding, #1423004.

    How should you use them?

    • To orient yourself to different options for managing your data after it’s been collected
    • To learn how to prepare your data for analysis

    How should you NOT use them?

    • As the be-all, end-all list of data management steps.
    • We recommend Ann K Emery’s blog and workshops if you want to learn more.
    • Need more? Send us a request for a new video by using the Contact Us feature.

    Database Organization and Password Protection in Excel (2:38)


    Filtering and Isolating Data in Excel (5:01)


    Data Cleaning and Recoding in Excel (5:13)


    Creating Pivot Tables in Excel (3:55)


    Creating an Excel Data File for R (4:56)


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