Data Collection

What do you need to do?

What are these?

A series of short videos and resources that will help you think about the informed consent process and use some of the EvalFest instruments. These videos were created with National Science Foundation funding, #1423004.

How should you use them?

  • To orient yourself to best practices in data collection.
  • To understand informed consent and why it’s important.
  • As a primer for training staff or field researchers to collect data in the field.

How should you NOT use them?

  • As comprehensive training for staff or field researchers – we recommend starting with these and then doing a just-in-time and in-person training that expands on the video content and occurs just prior to collecting data.
  • Need more? Send us a request for a new video by using the Contact Us feature.

Intercept survey

Gather data from attendees during events, including using iPads and QuickTapSurvey.

Getting Started

Using intercept surveys to collect data


5th Person Rule

Strategy for collecting intercept surveys


When One is Greater Than Two (1:56)


Survey Refusals

Tracking people who refuse to participate


Intercept Survey Training Guide

Syncing Data in Quicktap

iPad Maintenance Sheet

Take care of iPads

Observation and Interview Methods

Select data collection methods and protocols for your event.

Mystery Shopping

How to collect data using mystery shopping



How and when to conduct a think-aloud


Informed Consent

Understand and obtain informed consent from participants.

The "Why?" and "How?" of the Consent Process


Section by Section: A Consent Fact Sheet


EvalFest Consent Form

Ages 5-14

EvalFest Consent Form

Ages 15-17

EvalFest Consent Form

Adult (18+)

EvalFest Consent Form

Parental Permission

EvalFest Consent Form


Conducting a Multisite Data Collection

Collect data from multiple sites with the same survey using SurveyMonkey.

SurveyMonkey Tutorial

Send an email survey to multiple sites or people via SurveyMonkey

Exporting your SurveyMonkey Data

Export SurveyMonkey data

Accessing Data in Quicktap

Access and filter data in QuickTapSurvey

Data Collection Planning

Plan your process.

Data Collection Timeline

Plan for data collection

We provide a variety of resources that can be filtered based on your preferences.


Data Collection

Data Management

Data Analysis

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