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Using resources from their participation in EvalFest, the Wisconsin Science Festival created impactful infographics informed by their data collected this year.

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The 8th annual Wisconsin Science Festival took place across Wisconsin October 11-14. Inspired by the September EvalFest workshop and the high standards set by our peer festivals, we captured some of the festival highlights using infographics and photos for use in our annual report.

In addition to our LEGO-based project to capture participant data and perceptions, there are a few other innovations from this year’s festival that we’d like to highlight:

  • We debuted our new mascot “Beesly” the honey bee (Wisconsin’s state insect).  At our Science on the Square event on the Friday night of the festival, we encouraged people to post selfies with Beesly on social media to “earn” light-up antennae. This activity was a hit, and we think that we can encourage even more participation by keeping Beesly busy!


The full range of science festival teams from across the U.S.


Surveys collected from publics who attend science festival events.


Tried and tested methods developed to evaluate science festivals.

Who is EvalFest?

Founded in 2014 with funding from the National Science Foundation, the EvalFest community of practice has developed, tested, and fine-tuned evaluation methods and practices with 25 science festival partners across the U.S.  Though tested with science festivals, EvalFest now offers a suite of tried and tested resources available free of charge to the broader community to help evaluate and learn about informal STEM learning activities.


Current insights on the science festival community.

Does the messenger matter?

Although there are increasing calls for scientists and engineers to participate in public engagement activities, little is known about the efficacy of these efforts. Science festivals, and in particular science festival expos, have emerged as popular opportunities for...

Are Science Festivals Good for the Environment?

Are science festivals good (or bad) for the environment? Three science festivals from across the EvalFest network have come together for a mini-grant project, led by the UK’s Festival of Nature, to explore how science festivals can evaluate their environmental impact...

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