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EvalFest provides tools and resources to help evaluate informal science learning.

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The Virginia Tech Science Festival has worked to create an inclusive science festival environment to a wide variety of people, including becoming a SAFE space.

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“Science is bigger than you think.”

The Virginia Tech Science Festival is a one-day fall festival serving 3,500 to 6,000 people in the mountains of western Virginia working to help attendees learn just how all-encompassing science is. The festival is a collaborative effort spanning multiple university entities and regional organizations. As a land-grant research university, Virginia Tech has a broad community of people thinking scientifically and conducting world-class research, and part of the mission is to share discoveries and research with the community. 


    The full range of science festival teams from across the U.S.


    Surveys collected from publics who attend science festival events.


    Tried and tested methods developed to evaluate science festivals.

    Who is EvalFest?

    Founded in 2014 with funding from the National Science Foundation, the EvalFest community of practice has developed, tested, and fine-tuned evaluation methods and practices with 25 science festival partners across the U.S.  Though tested with science festivals, EvalFest now offers a suite of tried and tested resources available free of charge to the broader community to help evaluate and learn about informal STEM learning activities.


    Current insights on the science festival community.

    EvalFest and Encountering Science in America

    In 2017 the EvalFest team was invited to attend a meeting hosted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences to help inform their Public Face of Science Initiative . The meeting was attended by a blend of researchers from science communication and informal STEM...

    Who’s Missing from Our Festivals?

    EvalFest has collected over 10,000 survey responses (and counting!) from science festival attendees at 25 partner sites across the US over the last four years. This left us asking a question: who isn’t attending these events and what can we find out about them? This...

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