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EvalFest provides tools and resources to help evaluate informal science learning.

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“Some of the heroes in Dr. Mona’s book are career scientists or people who learn about science in order to protect their family members, friends, and neighbors. We hope that by providing these books to local schools we play a small part in inspiring young people to action,” said Roxanne Truhn, MSU Science Festival Coordinator.

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There is something for everyone at the MSU Science Festival. This annual event, established by Michigan State University in 2013, celebrates the many ways science, technology, engineering, art, and math touch our everyday lives and shape our future.

The 2019 Festival offered more than 250 presentations and activities, with 350 scientists, researchers, educational and community partners donating their time.  They come ready to dazzle, delight, inspire and educate visitors with their scientific knowledge.

Events are FREE, and have been from the beginning! We keep it that way so that people across Michigan and beyond can have access to the wonders of scientific discoveries and newest technologies.  


The full range of science festival teams from across the U.S.


Surveys collected from publics who attend science festival events.


Tried and tested methods developed to evaluate science festivals.

Who is EvalFest?

Founded in 2014 with funding from the National Science Foundation, the EvalFest community of practice has developed, tested, and fine-tuned evaluation methods and practices with 25 science festival partners across the U.S.  Though tested with science festivals, EvalFest now offers a suite of tried and tested resources available free of charge to the broader community to help evaluate and learn about informal STEM learning activities.


Current insights on the science festival community.

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